Membership Program

Health, Hope, and Healing.

Our Membership Program gives you full control over your health. Unlike some conventional medicine providers, we don’t take your concerns lightly, tell you we can’t help, or write you a prescription without hearing your full story. We don’t triple-book appointments, leaving you sitting in the waiting room for an hour (who has time for that?).

We’re passionate about helping you be your best self – Mind, Body, and Spirit.

At our initial intake, we learn about you – your health, your history, your lifestyle. We ask the important questions.
We take healing seriously, and we want to give you the best whole-body health plan for your specific life circumstances.
We devise a custom health plan for you, educating you every step of the way on the whats, whys, and hows. Why are we recommending this test? What does that number mean? We want you to ask questions, so you understand completely and have agency over your health and well-being.

Our Membership Program provides a huge number of benefits, which include:

  • Your first visit

    A full 75-minute intake visit where we review your complete history, previous testing you’ve had done and a head to toe examination is completed in addition to vital signs. We will order recommended labs at this visit.

  • Your second visit

    We review your labs with you explaining optimal ranges and treatment options for abnormal lab results. Then, we devise a personalized, functional medicine plan, which includes nutrition guidance, stress management techniques, movement prescription, supplement recommendations and future testing recommendations.

  • Continued support.

    Your care doesn’t stop at the end of your visit. We are here to support you on this journey.

  • A plethora of other benefits…

    Including extended visit times (that are not covered by traditional insurance plans), discounts on supplement sales, exclusive invitations to members-only wellness events, and more.

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What can you expect when working with Shift Functional Med?

Throw all of your fears and anxieties about coming to the doctor out the window. We’re your partners in health, not just an “expert” who tells you what to do.

We Get Back to You

You can schedule appointments through our Membership portal – no more waiting on hold while the receptionist answers ten other phone calls. If you need an immediate appointment, you can message us and we’ll fit you in as soon as we possibly can. We care about you, and we go above and beyond to accommodate your needs.

We Listen to You

We’re not going to dismiss you. We’re not going to tell you that you’re wrong and that we’re right. It’s your body, and you know it best – so if something feels wrong, tell us. Ask us questions. We promise to ask you questions, too. We learn from our patients every day!

We’re Transparent

We’re open and honest with you about financials, since this is an important aspect of most patient’s lives. We don’t have hidden costs. We don’t have surprise fees. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

We’re Online and We’re Available

We have a safe, secure online portal where you can access your records and schedule appointments 24/7. We respond to your questions within 48 hours, and if you need a last-minute appointment, you can message us directly. We’ll always do our best to see you as soon as we can.

Membership FAQ’s

What is the purpose of membership?

We value providing holistic care which requires longer visit times and additional work outside of office visits. The monthly membership fee covers these essentials that are not reimbursed by insurance companies.

What is the process to become a member?

We accept a very limited amount of new patients so there is a screening process where you will answer some questions and communicate with us via phone or e-mail to ensure our services will fit your needs. Once a mutual decision is made to proceed, we will send you a link to register for membership and our patient portal. Once you are in our online secure patient portal you will complete New Patient Questionnaires and schedule your first appointment.

What is a micro-practice?

A micro-practice is a practice that operates with minimal or reduced overhead expenses.
Since functional medicine practices do not see the quantity of patients seen in a conventional medicine clinic (5 vs. 20 per day), it is essential to keep business operating expenses down.

Does my membership fee cover services or office visits?

No. Office visits are billed separately from monthly membership fees. We will office visits to insurance companies we are in network with.  If we are an out of network provider with your insurance company, we do offer prompt pay discounted pricing.

Do I have to become a member?

We have found that to provide the highest level of service, a client membership program is necessary.  Currently nearing patient capacity limits, we are sensitive to the level of service delivered.  With the membership plan, we commit to providing the best care to members, including last minute appointments.

Who is membership for?

Membership is ideal for patients dedicated to working closely with us seeking assured care and timely appointments.  When patient capacity is reached and we restrict our practice to new or non-member patients to ensure you won’t have to worry about a lengthy wait to make an appointment. Our membership program is focused on providing community support with educational health events, online support, and longer office visit times.  

What will my membership cover?

For a list of benefits, head to our Membership Program page. One of the benefits that our patients most value is that they have access to longer appointment times, so we can really delve into their issues without the time limits of conventional medicine office visits.

Will my insurance cover my monthly membership fee?

No, this is a cash pay service not covered by insurance.  Some insurance companies will allow you to use your FSA or HSA card to pay for your monthly fee. You should consult directly with your insurance for detailed coverage options.

Why a membership fee in addition to my insurance responsibility and premium?

Much preparation time and effort goes into your visit outside of the actual appointment.  This includes portal messaging, refilling prescriptions, referrals, etc.  This all to ensure a thorough wellness plan for you.

How are the visits with us billed?

If we are “in network/contracted with” your insurance plan, our office will verify benefits coverage prior to your visit. Per our billing guidelines, we will do the following:
•    Collect your “patient responsibility” at the time of service. This includes co-pays, deductibles, coinsurance and past due account balances.
•    Submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement.
If you have an insurance plan we are not contracted with, we require an “at the time of service” payment.  You will receive a discounted office visit charge with a receipt to submit to your insurance.

How do I register for membership?

From our website membership page, click “Yes I am interested! I want to apply!” link. From here we will assist you to complete the membership process.

How do I pay for monthly membership?

Upon membership enrollment, you will enter your credit or debit card information.  Monthly billing on this card will occur the 15th or 25th depending on enrollment date.  As a security measure, you will need to portal message our office the transaction amounts so we can verify your account and activate your membership.

What if I live out of town and cannot make it to the office?

We offer “telehealth” visits.  Using an online meeting room, you can log-in to see each other via your computer cameras/screens. If you do not have access to a computer, the consult can be done via the phone.  Oregon law and our office policy require an annual face-to-face visit in the office but the remainder of visits can be done via telehealth. There is a trend for insurance companies to cover telehealth visits. Sometimes our office cannot verify this benefit so we encourage patients to check with their insurance about this coverage options. 

Can I list Shift FM as my PCP (Primary Care Provider)?

We have agreed to provide primary care services to her members only if allowed by your insurance company . We will coordinate referrals to specialists as needed. Please know that Shift FMB will do our best to get you in, however you may need to use one of the local urgent cares if you have an acute medical need. During office hours, we will do our best to see her members for same day/sick visits. 

What if I am a member and need an urgent appointment and cannot find a time on the portal schedule?

Please send a portal message to Marie or Jennifer indicating your medical concerns and urgency. We reserve appointment times for her members and will do her best to see you as these types of needs arise.  Exceptions to this would be when we are out of the office.

How do I cancel my membership contract?

Our membership agreement requires a 30 day notice to cancel your membership. This request must come in writing via portal message or email: