What They’re Saying About Us

“Dr. Agnew is one of the most intellectually voracious healthcare providers I have met. She has trained in and demonstrated mastery in many different areas of medicine. Additionally, she is an absolute delight to work with. She is sharp as a tack and highly analytical, but still creative, humble and kind. She strikes an extraordinary balance between smarts and heart. I wouldn't hesitate to refer my patients to her”

Dr. Sara Gillham

“Dr. Agnew brings the best of both worlds to her practice. She integrates aspects of conventional Western medicine with a deep understanding of functional approaches that address the root of disease. She is genuinely interested in supporting her patients to achieve their best state of health, which is apparent with her attention and presence in appointments and follow-through. I trust her for comprehensive and thorough care”


“Every time I seek medical advice from Dr. Marie she listens, I mean really listens. She asks probing questions to find out what is going on and what the root cause is. Dr. Marie is great about follow up and truly cares about me and my family's health.”


“I've been seeing Jen at SHIFT for a couple months now and have made major improvements to my health, even helping me quit my diet coke addiction of over 15 years. Very kind and understanding as well as knowledgeable. Highly recommend this establishment.”


“Dr. Agnew has been my medical provider for over five years. In that time I have gotten to know her and trust her completely with my health and wellbeing. She is a compassionate person who provides excellent care, treating the whole person not just symptoms. Every time I see her for a medical issue I feel heard, understood and truly cared for. She works hard to get to the bottom of the issue and, by the end of the visit, I feel armed with a plan that I understand and feel comfortable moving forward with. I have recommended Dr. Agnew to family and friends because I am confident that they will experience the high level of expert care and professionalism that I've experienced.”


“For years, no matter where I've resided, Dr. Agnew has been my go-to professional for medical and wellness advice. I've asked her about everything from natural skin care to alternative treatments for a chronic disorder. She is broadly informed, whip-smart and kind, and above all else, she is attentive. I can feel her listening to me in a way that is both comforting and empowering. What's more, she often follows up with new studies or information related to questions I've asked in the past. Dr. Agnew genuinely cares about her patients, and I would heartily recommend her to anyone seeking a medical practitioner.”


“I recently started working with Laura on a whole host of chronic symptoms I've dealt with for 25+ years. While our work together is just beginning, I already feel really supported and comforted by her! You can feel her care and empathy and a genuine want to problem-solve together, which can feel like such a relief after struggling for so many years to piece things together on my own or to find a practitioner willing to look at my symptoms holistically. I'm so excited to be working with her and to see where I'm at in a few months!”


“I’ve been a patient at SHIFT for about 1.5 years and am so thankful for the support Dr. Marie (and formerly Dr. Gish) provides. Dr. Marie is my Primary Care Physician and I always value her care. I came to her with a variety of issues and she’s helped me work through all of them! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a grounded, well informed, evidence based physician and team.”


“I came to SHIFT because my cholesterol has been getting too high for my age (38). Laura is very thorough - we talk through every angle of my health and goals - from diet, to sleep, to hormones, post-baby pelvic floor, you name it. She has so much knowledge, she catches many things that I didn't realize I was doing that are helping me move closer to my goals. She's a great listener, and take as much time as need - no rushed doctor appointments, never late. In just a few months of being more aware of little tweaks I can make I'm making progress getting that cholesterol number lower, and I feel excited and optimistic about the next step of our plan.”


“I have been seeing Laura Evans, NP, for a few months and already the experience with SHIFT compared to my (former) primary care physician has been astounding. Laura takes her time to listen and ask questions to get a holistic understanding of health issues so she can help treat the cause and not just the symptoms. I have already had significant improvement for a number of health issues that other doctors simply ignored when lab results came back as “normal” even though I was still feeling terrible. I really feel like I have an advocate in Laura, and that she is looking for a cure and not just a cover-up. It feels great to be taking natural supplements instead of harsh pharmaceuticals. I’m so grateful to have found SHIFT and Laura!”


“After 2 separate recommendations, by 2 different providers, I made an appt at Shift Functional Medicine. I’ve been seeing Laura Evans for several months now, via Telehealth. She’s been amazing! I truly look forward to my appts. She is very easy to talk to, listens to my concerns & issues and tailors treatment plans that are not only effective thus far, but personalized to fit into my lifestyle. I have a few health concerns we are tackling and Laura is very conscious not to overwhelm and articulates everything in a manner that is easy to understand. So grateful to have found someone I feel I can truly work with toward achieving my health goals.”


“After almost two years of no real answers from a number of doctors and practitioners, Dr. Agnew helped me get to the root cause of my issues and supported me through many phases of treatments. When one thing was resolved and I still wasn't improving, she investigated further to find out why. She is responsive, so supportive and a real partner in your health journey. After a year from starting to work with her, I'm well on my way to full recovery and feel amazing. I'm so grateful to have found her!”


“5 stars isn't enough to rate Shift. I've been a patient for a couple of years now and literally live 6 hours away, that's how good they are and how much I love and appreciate the staff. They truly care about their patients and finding the root cause, never once has it been about my weight (which is usually the only thing other doctors focus on). I have never felt better, healthier or more supported in any other setting. They've helped me work through my PCOS and also discovered I have a gluten sensitivity, all through natural methods and not pushing any medications. My skin has never looked better and my menstrual cycle is regular for the first time in my life! Cannot say enough good things about the treatment I've received there.”


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