Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? Read our FAQ’s Below:

What is Functional Medicine and why do you practice this way?

Functional medicine is a fundamentally new way of thinking about health and disease. Conventional medicine often treats and focuses on symptoms of disease. Functional medicine looks beyond the symptoms to uncover the underlying root cause of the condition. This is often done by a thorough holistic assessment that looks at one’s full history, symptoms in all systems, environment, stressors and toxic burden. We believe health issues are often interconnected. If you look at the Seven Pillars of Health we discuss on the Homepage, you’ll see our philosophy.

FAQ: How can I prepare for my first visit?

Please complete the Intake and read and sign the Policies and Consents within the patient portal prior to your first appointment. This will help us prepare so we can hit the ground running.

Make sure you come with all of your questions, and a good grasp of your personal health journey. We will want to take a deep dive into your story and what your health challenges have been leading up to this point.

It is also important to know all the medications and supplements that you are taking. Please have these available so that we can evaluate them accurately.

What labs do you order?

Depending on your presentation and needs, we will often order a comprehensive diagnostic panel through conventional labs like Quest or LabCorp. If indicated, we also order specialized functional laboratory testing through Doctor’s Data, Genova, GI Map, DUTCH, Nutrition Genome and others. This includes but is not limited to genetic testing, stool testing, nutrient levels, food sensitivities, hormones, mycotoxins, and heavy metals.

FAQ: How do you handle Lab Results?

Given we don’t just look for “normal ranges” and instead do a functional lab analysis, our experience has been that questions and conversation is stimulated during lab interpretation review. There is a significant amount of education given during this time. Face-to-face time is important for good discussion and the promotion of understanding. For these reasons, all lab results are reviewed in person or video at follow-up visits.

Do you see all genders? Children?

Everyone is welcome. We are happy to see children and love to do so. Please be aware that our practice is not currently set up to offer immunizations.

FAQ: You are not in network with my insurance, can I still see you?

Yes. You can use your FSA/HSA account if this applies to you. Our care may also be covered by your insurance as out-of-network medical care, most of our clients get up to 70% reimbursed. Please request an itemized receipt at the end of your visit or simply send a portal message requesting one later if you forget! 

With which insurers are you contracted as a Preferred Provider?

-First Choice
-Providence Preferred
-Pacific Source
-Blue Cross Blue Shield
-First Health & Coventry Health

How do you get more information?